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Tombstone bandit finds me!

PICT0054, originally uploaded by mjovery.

I placed this image of a ‘bandit’ online on Flickr! It was taken a couple of years ago at Tombstone, Arizona…..during the Vigilante Days Festival.

The other day ‘Terco Paco’ (not his real name) did a search on Flickr and found his picture on my gallery! He then thanked me for placing his image online. What a small world this is…

Revision activities (GCSE:Physics)

 The first FIVE activities are now o­nline for students

Physics Topics  (Focus o­n : Heat Transfer and Renewable Energy)

Heat Transfer (Cloze Test)www.planetscience.org/revisiontime/heattransfer.htm

Heat Transfer (Crossword)


Heat Transfer ( The Vacuum Flask: Multiple Choice)


Renewable Energy


Electromagnetic Waves (Drag and Drop)