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Pima Air and Space Museum , Tucson, Arizona

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Hummingbird Video


Originally uploaded by mjovery

Hummingbird Video

Year 10 : Online Revision

Studnets can access the online revision website at



Science Revision: AQA Science A

Interactive revision/consolidation activities are available for Biology and Physics at


New Images (Athens Marathon + Derbyshire, UK)

The new images can be seen at


Athens Marathon 2007

Where to stay ? 

 The village of Nea Makri is only 10 km from the start at Marathon (village).

Thomas Beach Hotel is a small family-run hotel in Nea Makri. An ideal place to stay, train, and rest after the marathon which is on 4th November. There are frequent buses from Nea Makri into Athens (about 2 Euros). Taxis to and from the Airport cost about 24 Euros.


Athens Classic Marathon: http://www.athensclassicmarathon.gr/html/ent/012/ent.1012.1.asp



 www.SciGallery.com  is now open….



Holiday reading…and a time for reflection….

Three essential reads for Summer 2007. Two interactive books, and one lifebook…to be completed!




Tombstone bandit finds me!

PICT0054, originally uploaded by mjovery.

I placed this image of a ‘bandit’ online on Flickr! It was taken a couple of years ago at Tombstone, Arizona…..during the Vigilante Days Festival.

The other day ‘Terco Paco’ (not his real name) did a search on Flickr and found his picture on my gallery! He then thanked me for placing his image online. What a small world this is…